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What are the cleaning methods on the surface of quartz wafer?
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  The good performance of quartz make it first applied to the field of physical chemistry, so the quartz glass plate sales is very high, the quartz plate with transparent and opaque quartz glass two, transparent and opaque quartz glass is industrial and scientific use of the economic value of the material. Silica glass is composed of silica single component of the glass. The hardness of glass up to Morse seven level, low expansion coefficient, high temperature resistant, has excellent chemical stability, electrical insulation, except hydrofluoric acid, the hot phosphoric acid and the general acid has good acid resistance. What are the cleaning methods on the surface of quartz wafer? Listen to the Beijing Cai quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

  Quartz plate using the temperature often at 1000 DEG C to 1300 DEG C high temperature state, when the quartz glass from high temperature drop so far transformation temperature and surface loss through the crystal quality and quartz glass sheet beta of the high temperature alpha phase and low temperature phase contraction coefficient of different under rapid cooling produces opaque strip shape more serious will constitute a splitting phenomenon. Ordinary quartz cleaning requirements of some procedures, first with pure water to wash the surface, then put into the pickling tank for some time, remove and then after the water rinse to dry.


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