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Sapphire slide& Coverslips
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Sapphire slide& Coverslips     100um thickness are available
Sapphire crystal is extremely hard and scratch resistant useful for the visible and ir spectrum. Optical sapphire is made to a random orientation or cut to a specified orientation. It has excellent thermal conductivity at low temperatures allowing single crystal sapphire to be used in many diverse fields requiring thermal conduction and heat radiation. Sapphire has high dielectric constant and is resistant to common chemical acids and alkaline. Optical sapphire has no colouration and with a selection of grades of sapphire transmission ranging from 170nm to 6 microns .
Sapphire slideStandard gradeLaser Quality
MaterialSapphire single crystal
OrientationC-cutC- cut
Diameter Tolerance+0.0/-0.1mm
Thickness tolerance±0.05mm±0.005mm
Clear Aperture>90%
Parallelism<3'10 "
Surface Quality40-20 scratch and dig10-5
Wavefront Distortion1/4 λ per 25mm at 632nmλ/8 per 25 mm
Standard grade Sapphire slide in stock
Part No.Dimension 
Unti price for
(10pcs in one box)
SAMS100110×10×0.25-0.30USD400.004 weeks
SAMS160116×16×0.25-0.30USD400.004 weeks
SAMS190119×19×0.25-0.30USD450.004 weeks
SAMS220122×22×0.25-0.30USD500.004 weeks
SAMS250125×25×0.25-0.30USD550.004 weeks
SAMS550125×50×0.50USD800.004 weeks
SAMS762376.2×25.4×1.0USD1000.004 weeks
Note: Other sizes and thickness are available upon request.
Large discount for batch quantity , please contact sales@laseroptex for quotation
Sapphire Cover Slides
Sapphire Cover Slips are ultra thin polished Sapphire crystal substrates used for their absolute NIR transparency for medical, scientific and research applications. When viewing the surface a Sapphire cover slip can slow evaporation and compress the most viewed object to protect the microscope lens.
Part No.SizethicknessUnit price for
10pcs in box
Delivery time
SACSC100110 mm0.20mmUSD4004 weeks
SACSC120112.5 mm0.20mmUSD4004 weeks
SACSC180118.0 mm0.50mmUSD400in stock
SACSC240124.5 mm0.30mmUSD500in stock
SACSC350135mm0.30mmUSD600in stock
Note: Other custom sizes and thickness are available upon request.
Large discount for batch quantity , please contact sales@laseroptex for quotation
We can accept the credit payment by paypal for small order. The min order must above USD200


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