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Do you know the heat resistance of quartz glass sheets?
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  Quartz glass plate due to its with other material cannot replace a series of special properties, as well as very low thermal conductivity rate, and excellent thermal shock resistance, high deformation temperature and softening temperature and very low thermal conductivity, low dielectric loss and from the ultraviolet to the infrared extremely wide spectral range optical transmittance of. To make it play a very important role in modern industry and high technology field. Do you know the heat resistance of quartz glass sheets? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

  Widely used in semiconductor, solar energy, aerospace, optical communications and other industries! Ordinary glass will be in accordance with the need to add the corresponding impurities, silica content is relatively low, generally 600 degrees temperature resistance. The silica content of quartz glass is more than 99.5%, and the heat resistant temperature is above 1600 degrees. The coefficient of linear expansion coefficient (5.5 * 10-7/ C) of quartz glass linear expansion coefficient is lower than that of all the linear expansion coefficient of all materials. The quartz glass thermal expansion coefficient thermal shock resistant quartz glass, only ordinary glass 1/12 —— 1/20. So it has a very good resistance to thermal shock, quartz glass samples were ignited to 1200 DEG C after rapid investment to 20 DEG C water, repeated more than three times does not allow burst.


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