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  •   What are the basis for selection of quartz material? Do you understand? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      1. The content of impurities, which can entrust the supplier to provide samples, analysis of chemical purity can be obtained directly from the 13 kinds of impurity content of specific data, then the data and process data for comparison, if the excessive is not a choice.

      The machining accuracy of products and materials, quartz boat automatic rewind the wafer carrier, if the process dimension and equipment do not conform to the requirements of, start the machine after is the clatter of wafer broken; a quartz boat in his hand, bar, pipe full bubbles, stains, such vehicles who dare to use?

      3 according to the characteristics of the application to choose different process. Quartz material of infrared transmittance of, can only choose imported high purity powder + plasma mound of preparation process of quartz material, or by chemical synthesis process for the preparation of synthetic quartz material fiber industry requirements.

  •   Quartz glass fiber and other fiber pre dip epoxy resin after the tensile strength, tensile modulus is shown in Table 5 quartz glass fiber, Kevlar fiber, glass fiber and epoxy resin made of composite material compressive strength, shear strength, anti bending strength is shown in table 6[4]2.4.
      In addition, at high temperatures, quartz glass instruments will not be like high silica fiber that will shrink, at 1000 degrees Celsius barbecue 1000h, the loss of quartz glass fiber is not greater than 1.5%. quartz glass fibers in the field of application of what? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.
      (1) the military aircraft's radar covers, including all kinds of fighter and advanced missile.
      (2) radar cover for civil aircraft.
      (3) interference electromagnetic launch window.
      (4) radar cover for communication and television satellite.
      (5) unmanned aerial vehicles and submarines, etc..
      (6) high frequency circuit board and low expansion rate circuit board for super computer. In addition, the high purity silica glass fiber has a very low coefficient of expansion and a superior ability to resist temperature changes.

  •   Do you understand the temperature resistance of quartz glass sheets? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      Quartz glass sheet of high temperature resistant function, far more than any kind of glass. The melting temperature of the melting temperature is above 1713, and the softening temperature is 1580 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius, and the annealing temperature is 1140 + 20. The quartz glass sheet can withstand the high temperature of more than 1000 degrees Celsius, and the short time can be used at the temperature of 1450 centigrade. High temperature use, opaque quartz glass can be used at 900.

  •   Purity is an important indicator of the quartz glass, on physical function and function of, such as the loss of permeability, high temperature strength, softening point, light transmission, thermal stability, chemical stability, resistance to radiation, fluorescent properties etc., following by Beijing Kailida quartz glass instrument factory small series for you introduced the importance of quartz glass instrument purity!

      Quartz glass used in the semiconductor industry, the requirements for the purity of the more demanding, trace impurities will give the semiconductor materials, the motor can be life and the integration of a serious impact. Because the purity of semiconductor materials is required to be controlled below the ppb level, the quartz glass should be controlled at the PPm level to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry.

      The segregation coefficient of B is close to 1, the most difficult to remove, is one of the most harmful impurities, Cu, Fe, Ti and other factors affecting the lifetime of semiconductor, K, Na, Li is a single crystal material to produce micro defects of harmful impurities. The company has a history of more than 40 years of service for the semiconductor industry, and has always been committed to the removal of the above-mentioned harmful impurities.

  •   In our experiment, we will use the quartz glass instrument. This instrument is of better quality, is one kind of instrument with high temperature resistance, high hardness, accidentally fell also won't happen fragmentation phenomenon, so a lot of labs will use this glass instrument, quartz vertical distillation device is a kind of advanced experimental equipment, in the distillation is not damaged or the pressure is too large. What are the characteristics of quartz glass instruments? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.
      Relatively stable chemical properties of quartz glass instrument, in use process, the quartz glass will not occur chemical changes and in a sharp rise in temperature does not produce rapid expansion, which for laboratory safety have great promise. Low and stable ultrasonic delay performance, the best UV Vis absorption spectrum and the performance of the visible and near infrared spectroscopy, and has a higher than the mechanical properties of ordinary glass. Therefore it is sophisticated technology of modern space technology, atomic energy industry and national defense equipment, automation system, as well as one of the excellent material for semiconductor, metallurgy, chemical, electric light source, communication, light industry, building materials and other industry indispensable.
      The material of quartz glass instrument is a kind of natural quartz, can be used for high temperature firing before molding, so the hardness of the quartz glass instrument is relatively high, it is not easy to damage. Melting of products with excellent processing capability, in the high viscosity range can the tubes and rods of the same as the ordinary glass workpiece thermal processing, can also be made of diamond or carbide tools for high speed machining, so as to produce a variety of complex shape of the instrument and special products. The performance of quartz glass is mainly determined by its purity, followed by the process or thermal system.

  •   With the application and development of modern technology, more and more advanced equipments are presented in the market. Quartz beaker, quartz culture dish and quartz liquid level gauge is the product of the progress of the times, they not only for quartz glass instrument with rich features, but also in improving the use effect also has a lot of advantages. To help more people learn to use features of quartz liquid level gauge, the following by Beijing Kailida quartz glass instrument factory small series for you.

      On the one hand, the quartz liquid level meter in use today has been recognized by many people, it is mainly to magnetic float for the measuring element can effectively achieve the level of remote indication, detection and control and no energy. At present, it has been applied to low temperature to high temperature, vacuum to high pressure and other environmental and acid, alkali and other corrosive media measurement, is the oil, chemical and other industrial sectors of the ideal liquid level measurement products. The structure is composed of a lower limit switch, a transmitting remote display and a transmitter.

      On the other hand, from the quartz liquid level gauge basic function. It is based on the principle of buoyancy, when the float in the measuring tube moves up and down, float internal permanent magnet will use magnetic coupling, the drive red and white pole turning 180 level rise, the turning column turn from white to red, dropped, the turning column turned from red to white, so as to achieve the level of instructions. In addition, the quartz glass tube level gauge installed on the transmitter can realize remote display and control. It through the magnetic float on mobile, signal variation of resistance, to and digital display instrument and a computer connected, realize remote display and control.

  •   Now, all kinds of experimental activities, the use of measurement tools, and now the measuring instruments are usually made of quartz glass, which is not separated from the material properties of quartz glass. Quartz glass instrument is how to make it? It is the production of raw materials and what difference? The following Beijing Kelida quartz glass instrument factory small series for you.

      With the development of technology, quartz glass is widely used in various processes of semiconductor production. Silica glass is a kind of special glass containing only silica. The types, preparation technology, raw materials, abroad is often called silicate glass, quartz glass, fused quartz, fused quartz, synthetic fused quartz, and the lack of a clear concept of the transparent, translucent, opaque quartz etc.. Quartz plate is made of quartz from the experimental instrument.

      Our country referred to as quartz glass, according to the process, use and appearance to classification, such as electric melting transparent quartz glass, even fused quartz glass, gas semltime quartz glass, synthetic quartz glass, opaque quartz glass, quartz glass, semiconductor quartz glass, electric light source with a quartz glass. People used to use "quartz" such a simple words in the names of the material, which is absolutely wrong, because quartz is a generic term of crystalline silica state, it and glassy silica on the physical and chemical properties is different.

  •   What is the difference between quartz and glass? You know? The following by Beijing klidar quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.
      Quartz cuvette with a Q words quartz, and above the glass with a G words glass, literally can directly distinguish between two kinds of cuvette, if the words had no, only on the machine in the ultraviolet region measured!, in ultraviolet transmittance is quartz, almost no transmittance of the glass. Sold on the market is not exactly the same as the quartz Pan Pan modeling, and some do not have the quartz logo. It can detect the absorbance of air - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. The wavelength of the spectrophotometer is set to 250nm, the sample room does not put any items, zero, and then placed on the sample side of the color plate, light absorption value is less than 0.07Abs of the quartz material, and vice versa.

  •   What are the characteristics of the product of quartz vertical type? What is there? Do you understand? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      For quartz equipment, it is more common in our lives, in the experimental activities, there are a lot of instruments made of quartz material, in the production of experimental play a role. Now we have to for all the products characteristics of quartz vertical distillation apparatus, in the play what role, an understanding of these, for the procurement staff to purchase products help, quality identification, can achieve fast.

      The quartz vertical distillation device is a fully closed quartz glass instrument for extracting high purity water, which is based on the principle of heat radiation, which keeps the liquid phase temperature lower than the boiling point temperature to produce high purity water. During the purification process, the temperature of the condensing space is high to prepare the sterile non thermal super water, the heating wire is sealed in the shell body, and the water is not contacted with the air, and the whole purification process is free from environmental pollution. Instrument for the garden tube shaped, horizontal standard grinding mouth full closed quartz glass instrument system. The device consists of three parts, a purifying device, a quartz water storing bottle and an instrument working frame. Quartz crucible with high purity quartz as the substrate, based on the principle of thermal radiation remain liquid at temperatures below the boiling temperature of evaporation and condensation and preparation of high-purity water, better solves the vapor-liquid separation, and electrodialysis method, distillation method compared with the water quality of high purity.

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