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  •   There are many kinds of materials, the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of balcony sealing window is not the same, what are the specific?

      One, no frame window

      Advantages: as a result of the overall requirements of the building of the building more stringent requirements, so many owners choose a window without frame. No window frame is in the frame with a peripheral frame, each piece of glass is no frame, so you can keep the unity of the overall appearance. Each window can be folded and received on both sides, but also does not affect the vision.

      Deficiency: the poor sealing of the window frame, in case of heavy rain, rain easy to seep in, and strong enough, if the floor is higher, it is not recommended to use.

      Price: A, fender no window frame quality good, but the price is relatively higher, about 340 yuan / square meters to 450 yuan / square meters.

      Two, aluminum alloy window

      Advantages: Aluminum Alloy window is the most widely used in the closed balcony, cheap. Aluminum alloy with 1.4mm and 1.2mm thickness of the main, if the thickness of the aluminum alloy is less than 1.2mm, then the quality is difficult to guarantee, we recommend that you do not choose.

      Shortcomings: some aluminium alloy window will cut corners, such as marked 1.4mm thick actually only 1.25mm thickness, and these subtle differences by the naked eye is very ugly out.

      Prices: aluminum alloy window manufacturing cost is relatively low, so the price is relatively cheap, about 150 yuan / square meter to 320 yuan / square meter, and therefore still more popular with the decoration. Good brand Aluminum Alloy window in the cell, Yang Yi Yaohua, etc..

      Three, plastic steel window

      Advantages: plastic steel window frame is PVC resin as the main raw materials, coupled with a certain proportion of the stabilizer, coloring agent, fillers, UV absorbent, and their processing. The stability of steel window is better, the overall sealing performance is better than the Aluminum Alloy window.

      Shortcomings: window of model steel window has a variety of colors, but sun exposure time long will inevitably fade phenomenon, which also makes many of the decoration headache.

      The price of steel window: the price is not expensive, 180 yuan / square meter to 380 yuan / square meters.

      Four, the Aluminum Alloy window

      Advantages: the broken bridge aluminum alloy is a layer of PVC materials are added in the internal and external two layers of aluminum alloy, PVC relatively poor thermal conductivity, heat outside of that layer of aluminum alloy through again to intraventricular conduction by the barrier of PVC, heat preservation is good. The Aluminum Alloy using the 45 degree angle is two and fight, both inside and outside layer Aluminum Alloy, more firmly.

      Shortcomings: the bridge Aluminum Alloy window, the price is more expensive, generally cover a balcony several thousand yuan.

      Price: Yang Yi doors and windows, Yining, a opening of the broken bridge aluminum alloy window is good, price is about 800 yuan / square meters (including hollow glass)

  •   Laboratory utensils in the use of after the general will have the chemical residues, so must pay attention to the cleaning. Must be properly cleaned to avoid the two pollution. How to clean it properly? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      The laboratory analysis, the vessels of the conventional cleaning methods have the following: manual scrubbing, cleaned in ultrasonic bath, after being soaked in solvent living water rinse. Many of the problems faced by the researchers are as follows:

      1, hand washing oil pollution on the hand may be attached to the vessel, increase the difficulty of washing, can cause two pollution

      2, after manual cleaning, vessel cleanliness poor consistency, different experimental personnel is cleaned out of the same container clean degree differ in thousands ways

      3, the results of manual cleaning can not be traced back and reproduce, is the test and production process of the blind spot"

      4, volumetric flask, after identification, not to wash with a test tube brush, liquid phase and gas phase in the sample vial volume small, the weight is light, can not use ultrasonic cleaning, small diameters of the pipet and not easily washed, used in the production of the long rubber hose must be to go through a long time after the invasion of bubbles and then rinse.

      5, contaminated utensils with toxic substances may pose a health threat to the cleaning staff

  •   What are the properties of the quartz glass? Do you understand? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      Devitrification is also called crystallization is a flaw in the quartz glass, from the viewpoint of thermodynamics, energy of the quartz glass is higher than that of state cristobalite crystallization, is a thermodynamically metastable, when temperatures above 1000 DEG C, SiO2 molecular vibration acceleration, the re arranged for a longer period of time, set to form crystals. The opacity is expressed by the growth rate of crystal nucleus, the transparent quartz glass is at 1620 degrees Celsius, and the opaque quartz glass is at 1520 degrees, and the crystallization rate reaches the maximum value.

      Crystallization mainly appearing on the surface, followed by internal defects, the reason is these places easily soiled by impurity ions of the local cluster, especially alkali ions into the network resulting in viscosity reduction, promote devitrification acceleration.

  •   Laboratory common quartz glass instrument mainly what kind? You know what? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory  Xiaobian to introduce you.

      First, test tube

      (1) direct heating and heating wall to dry, with tube clip or iron clamp fixed on an iron stand;

      (2) heating solid, mouth slightly downward sloping, solid flat on the bottom;

      (3) when heating the liquid, mouth upward sloping, and desktop into 45 degree, liquid amount does not exceed the volume of 1 / 3, avoid nozzle toward the people.

      Two, capacity bottle

      Quartz glass instrument volumetric flask for the accurate solution of the concentration of a certain substance,

      Check for leaks, to be used in the standard temperature and liquid with a glass rod drainage, tangent to a concave meniscus and calibration lines. Not for long term storage solution.

      Three, crucible

      The quartz crucible for burning solid reaction,

      Can direct fire heated to a high temperature on the clay triangle, crucible forceps extraction, can not quench.

      Four, liquid separation funnel

      Used to separate the density of different and mutually incompatible liquid, but also can be assembled reactor, at any time to add liquid.

      Before use to check whether leakage, drainage open cover or the plug groove is aligned with the upper hole, the upper layer of the liquid from the upper pouring.

  •   Quartz glass fiber and other fiber pre dip epoxy resin after the tensile strength, tensile modulus is shown in Table 5 quartz glass fiber, Kevlar fiber, glass fiber and epoxy resin made of composite material compressive strength, shear strength, anti bending strength is shown in table 6[4]2.4.
      In addition, at high temperatures, quartz glass instruments will not be like high silica fiber that will shrink, at 1000 degrees Celsius barbecue 1000h, the loss of quartz glass fiber is not greater than 1.5%. quartz glass fibers in the field of application of what? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.
      (1) the military aircraft's radar covers, including all kinds of fighter and advanced missile.
      (2) radar cover for civil aircraft.
      (3) interference electromagnetic launch window.
      (4) radar cover for communication and television satellite.
      (5) unmanned aerial vehicles and submarines, etc..
      (6) high frequency circuit board and low expansion rate circuit board for super computer. In addition, the high purity silica glass fiber has a very low coefficient of expansion and a superior ability to resist temperature changes.

  •   What is the concept of quartz glass? Do you understand? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      Silica glass is a single component of silica glass. The hardness of glass up to Morse seven, with high temperature and expansion coefficient low, thermal shock resistance, chemical stability and electrical insulation performance is good and through ultraviolet and infrared. In addition to hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid, has good acid resistance to acid.

      Divided into transparent and opaque by two categories of transparency. The purity is divided into three types, high purity, general and doped.

      With the crystal, silica, silicide as raw materials, by high temperature melting or chemical vapor deposited. Melting method, electro fusion method, gas refining method, etc..

      The formation of quartz glass is a result of high viscosity of melt at high temperature. For the production of semiconductors, electric light source device, semiconductor device communication, laser, the optical instruments, laboratory instruments, electrical equipment, medical equipment, and high temperature resistance and anti corrosion of chemical equipment, chemical, electronics, metallurgy, building materials, and defense industry, a wide range of applications.

  •   The thermal properties of quartz glass, do you understand? What are the specific? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      Quartz glass thermal expansion coefficient is small, 5.5 x 10-7 / DEG C, only ordinary glass 1 / 12 to 1 / 20 scale and delineate the samples were ignited to 1200 DEG C after rapid investment into the cold water, repeated more than three times promised not to burst. The materials of the zero coefficient of expansion can be made by adding a proper amount of titanium into the quartz glass, and it has been applied in the laser technology, astronomy and the tip technology.

  •   The quality of the batch of quartz glass instrument, with correctness and stability, with material in a variety of raw materials, the chemical composition, moisture and particle degree, to ensure melting glass composition with the correctness and stability, with a certain amount of water, water the batch uniformity plays a beneficial role, dry material is not easy to mix evenly, easy to layer, is disadvantageous to the melting, particulate material is changed, batch, the amount of water changes, more fine particles, water should be more. What are the functions of quartz glass instruments? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      Key components in the production process of quartz glass, tin bath transition and Taiwan and annealing kiln with roller, bearing and transmission thermal glass plate. The roller in direct contact with the hot glass, the material and performance will directly affect the quality of the glass plate. At present, most of the domestic enterprises in this part of the heat resistant steel roller and asbestos roller, but these two products have their inherent defects and affect the quality of glass. Heat resistant steel and heat conduction rate is higher, the glass surface attached to tin oxide and debris, is not easy to clean, easily lead to scratch the surface of the glass bottom, is difficult to clean the defect formation, directly affects the quality of the glass board; asbestos and wear resistance is poor, and there are still problems such as environmental protection, is to be gradually phased out.

  •   With the development of semiconductor, thin quartz glass has been widely used in many occasions, people with their wisdom, the product R & D out many kinds and characteristics of thin quartz glass sheet, and you know what? Below by Beijing kailiaa quartz glass instrument factory Xiaobian to introduce you.

      With the development of semiconductor technology, quartz glass is widely used in various processes of semiconductor manufacturing. For example, the direct pulling method to convert polycrystalline silicon into a single crystal; cleaning with the cleaning tank; diffusion of the diffusion tube, when the boat; ion implantation with the bell cover, and so on. Silica glass is a kind of special glass containing only silica. The types, preparation technology, raw materials, abroad is often called silicate glass, quartz glass, fused quartz, fused quartz, synthetic fused quartz, and the lack of a clear concept of the transparent, translucent, opaque quartz etc.. Our country referred to as quartz glass, according to the process, use and appearance to classification, such as electric melting transparent quartz glass, even fused quartz glass, gas semltime quartz glass, synthetic quartz glass, opaque quartz glass, quartz glass, semiconductor quartz glass, electric light source with a quartz glass.

      In the traditional energy is on the verge of exhaustion, oil, coal and natural gas prices soaring, the urgency of the situation, one of the new energy solar energy has attracted world attention, as solar cells the main raw material polysilicon demand quantity also in dramatic growth. In the polycrystalline silicon ingot production process, in order to prevent the molten silicon and quartz ceramic crucible reaction and easy demoulding separation and need to in the crucible coating on the surface of. Fused quartz crucible is necessary container production of solar polysilicon ingot, for convenient demoulding, on its inner surface spraying a layer of silicon nitride. The high purity silicon nitride powder spraying in domestic quartz crucible, the spraying silicon nitride slurry when quartz substrate temperature and film thickness of quartz crucible silicon nitride coating bonding strength.

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